Kate Middleton : son astuce pour passer incognito quand elle fait ses courses

Under the spotlight since her union with Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton does not give up the pleasure of shopping from time to time. What’s more, to appreciate it in harmony, she knows how to deceive and go unnoticed. It’s hard to slip through the cracks when you have a place in the British imperial family. Kate Middleton is not a special case for the norm. But, the Duchess of Cambridge has a trick for staying clear of ears or more of all… intrusive eyes when shopping. Sovereign William’s better half would use a false name: that of Madame Cambridge. In addition, an entertaining misfortune motivated him.

In 2011, Kate Middleton was in Wales when, out of nowhere, she had the sudden urge to do some shopping. The same old thing up to this point. Indeed, however… by paying for her purchases, the Duchess of Cambridge understood that she had forgotten her schoolbag! She had then chosen to put her purchases aside under the watchful (or not) name of Madame Cambridge. A deception which had nevertheless worked, reports L’Express this Friday, July 22. The retailer of the water sports store, called Funsport, had certainly not seen the exceptionally renowned wife of Prince William. He had recently looked at her directly without flinching and told her that “it was a really strange last name”. She had therefore brilliantly imposed herself in the mission, but extremely difficult to go undercover. For the record, Kate Middleton had come to buy an amphibian costume. Ordinary secondary interests
This will shock many, but Kate Middleton likes to shop all the time. The Duchess of Cambridge can count on the staff at Kensington Palace anyway. Still, she can’t avoid the joy of having a shopping spree once in a while. We do not yet know if Kate Middleton… or rather Madame Cambridge cuts her happiness at every opportunity.

Kate Middleton and William: the location of their excursion, a well-kept secret! – Gala

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